Random Photos from Autumn 2013 and Our Trip To Marquette

Burch Leaves 092713.01.1024

Deck in Fog 092713.01.1024

Jeep on Abbaye Point 092413.01.1024

Wood Bridge 092413.01.1024

Abbaye Point Shoreline 092413.01.1024

Abbaye Point Shoreline 092413.02.1024

Lake Superior Stones 092713.01.1024

Dead River Bridge 092613.01.1024

Powerhouse Falls 092413.01.1024

Pinnacle Falls 092413.01.1024

Lake Michigamme 092413.01.1024

Huron River 092513.01.1024

Lilly Pond 092713.01.1024

Autumn Colors 092913.01.1024

Eastern Bluebird 092913.01.1024

Sunset 093013.01.1024

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Just a few Randoms

Thunderstorm on it’s way

Clouds 071713.01.1024

Cool glow during sunset, but to the east

Glowing Clouds Over Barn 071713.01.1024


Thunderstorm 071713.01.1024

Walk-way to the Clouds

Walk to the Clouds 071913.01.1024

Eastern Blue Bird

Eastern Blue Bird 071913.01.1024


Sunrise 071913.01.1024

Shelf Cloud

Shelf Cloud 071913.01.1024


Cloudy Sunrise 071913.01.1024

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird 072613.01.1024

Purple Finch

Purple Finch 072013.01.1024


Sunset 072613.01.1024

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Trail Canopy 072813.01.1024

Indian Pipe – Monotropa uniflora

Indian Pipe - Monotropa uniflora 072813.01.1024

Path of Blue

Path of Blue 072813.01.1024

And one of my favorites … Sunrise

Sunrise 073013.01.1024

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Quick Trip To Marquette

Made a trip to Marquette this past weekend for a wedding Dawn was in. Didn’t have much time for photos, but still got in a few.

Somewhere NW of Marquette

Somewhere NW of Marquette 071313.01.1024

Somewhere NW of Marquette 071313.02.1024

Shots from Presque Isle Park in Marquette

Presque Isle Park 071313.01.1024

Presque Isle Park 071313.02.1024

Presque Isle Park 071313.03.1024

Presque Isle Park 071313.04.1024

Dead River

Dead River 071313.01.1024

Sweet William – Dianthus barbatus

Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus 071313.01.1024

Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus 071313.02.1024

Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus 071313.03.1024

Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus 071313.04.1024

White Water Lily Pond

White Water Lily 071313.01.1024

White Water Lily Pano 071313.01.1024

Big Foot Crossing

Big Foot Crossing

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Fog and Some Sun… And a Moon

Eastern Meadowlark in Fog 062213.01.1024

Eastern Meadowlark in Fog 062213.02.1024

Sunset 062213.01.1024

Sunset 062213.02.1024

Sunset 062213.03.1024

Perigee full moon 062213.02.1024

Orange Hawkweed 061613.01.1024

Canada Hawkweed - Hieracium kalmii 061613.01.1024

Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium acaule 061613.01.1024

Prickly 061613.01.1024

Clouds 061613.01.1024

Clouds 061613.02.1024

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Sunrises and Sunsets

Although I’m only posting a photo of a sunrise, it’s that time of year when both can be magnificent.

Here is one example of just that.

Sunrise 061513.01.1024

And one more just because.
Canada Hawkweed – Hieracium kalmii

Canada Hawkweed - Hieracium kalmii 061513.01.1024

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